About Us

The new millennium brought about many changes to emerging nations, including Malaysia. Two key sectors that have benefited from these changes, consequently fuelling growth in Malaysia, are Allied Health Sciences and Biotechnology.

Driven by the nation’s quickly expanding requirements for quality human capital in the health care sector and catalysed by favourable government policy, Malaysia has witnessed a blossoming of institutions of higher learning devoted to Allied Health Services in the last decade.

Malaysian policy makers also recognized that Biotechnology was a key component and catalyst for a knowledge based economy and intend to leverage the global growth in life sciences. As a consequence, Malaysia’s rich biodiversity in both flora and fauna promise enormous biopharmaceutical and neutraceutical commercial opportunities. To this end, the Malaysian government has aggressively invested in world class Biotechnology R&D infrastructure to tap this treasure trove.

AHS Laboratory Supplies was established to meet the growing needs of these fields; the Allied Health Services Education and Biotechnolgy R&D Sectors. In the Education Sector, we seek to be the supplier of choice for institutions that provide programmes for Medicine, Pharmacy, Biomedical Sciences, Medical Laboratory Technology and Biotechnology. In the R&D Sector, we have emerged as the leading supplier for cell culture facilities and the support of pharmaceutical technology components.

AHS Laboratory Supplies has made significant inroads into this these two key sectors, leveraging our team’s cumulative 20 years of experience in the field of laboratory equipment supply and service. We seek to make a positive change in the way these sectors are supported by providing unrivaled service, packaged with equipment that incorporate proven technological concepts, sound engineering in design and manufacturing and proven performance track records.

AHS Laboratory Supplies is driven by three core value creation centres; our customers, our technology partners and our team of committed professionals.

Our customers, without whom there would be no AHS Laboratory Supplies, are central to our companies aspirations, growth, mission and vision. We constantly seek to understand our customers’ current and future needs and strive to fullfil these needs.

The manufactures we represent are our technology partners, leaders in their respective fields. Their technology and products provide a channel for our team to deliver outstanding services and solutions and the best value for our customers.

Our team, the nucleus of the company, is by driven by our commitment to customer satisfaction to provide the highest possible service standards. Our team continually works with our technology partners to bring our customers the best and most innovative product and service solutions.

AHS Laboratory Supplies is committed to delivering real value, outstanding service and innovative solutions to our customers through the passion, commitment and professionalism of our team and our partnerships with worldwide techology leaders. Coupled with our on-the-ground industry experience, we aspire to be your preferred healthcare laboratory solutions provider.


General Manager
AHS Laboratory Supplies