Cell Culture

Carbon dioxide incubators from NBS are designed to provide tan optimal environment for the continuous expansion and growth of cell lines. NBS incubators ( now a part of Eppendorf ) manufactured by RS BIOTECH UK has been central product in many a cell culture and tissue culture facilities in Malaysia  since 1999.

Engineered to be reliable  , easy to maintain and packed with user friendly features ,these carbon dioxide incubators has become the equipment of choice in  cell culture based application. (stem cell , in vitro animal studies , cell based toxicology studies , cell signalling, tissue engineering  , bioassay screening ,IVF )


BIOAIR BSC Class II cabinets  allows its operators to confidently perform work under aseptic conditions ,safe guarding cultures from contamination ,its operator from potential infection from infectious samples . Meeting stringent European certification (EN12469 ), manufactured and designed using 35 years of knowhow makes this product indispensible to cell culture and microbiology laboratories.



Liquid Nitrogen Tanks and Ultra Low Temperature Freezers – Cryopreservation – preservation of cells  is  a very important aspect of cell culture and the only effective means of the preservation of animal cells is by freezing. This is accomplished with either liquid nitrogen or by employing freezers. The freezing process involves reducing the temperatures of prepared cell in a slow and controlled rate. Once at ultralow temperatures the cells are biologically inert and can be preserved for years.



Microscope – Inverted – Microscopic examination is required in the detection of gross contamination by the observation of cell morphology .Observation of  the effects  of cancerous cell  when treated by compounds that may show anti cancer properties and may other cell based studies.


Centrifugation – essentially used to accelerate the process of sedimentation of the various components from a complex /sample be it biological or other carbon based compounds. The centrifugal force generated while the centrifuge is in operation causes components with different mass within the sample to sediment at different rates thus resulting in separation. In cell culture suspending cells from media is a routine process.



The uses of TYPE I water produced from these devices allows for water quality that is both pyrogen free and mycoplasma free to be used in cell culture laboratories  Generally used for cell culture media preparation.


Other related products

We are able to offer you a complete range of laboratory apparatus that are indispensible when performing the various procedures that are involved in cell or tissue culture work. The products include variable volume pippets , pipet aids , cool cells , aspiration pumps , safety burners