General Laboratory Equipment

General Laboratory Equipment

Temperature Control / Temperature Regulating

This range of products includes the user’s requirements for  samples to be maintained at a particular temperature ( for incubation ) , for samples to be heat treated ( curing , sterilization ,ashing ) ,for preserving samples at low temperatures , ( freezing )  the digestion of samples

Products include : Block heaters , Freezers  ,General purpose Incubators  , Low temperature Incubators , General purpose oven , Vaccum Ovens water baths ( shaking water baths , circulating water baths)   . External circulating baths,hotplates ,hotplatestirrers

Brands  : Memmert , Binder , Polyscinence , Stuart, Techne, New Brunswick Scientific

Lab water – Distilled Water , Ultrapure water

Water distillers ( basic and cabinet models ) single or double distilled , 4 to 8 litres per hour outputs , metal or silica based heaters for pyrogen free water. Ultrapure water systems, that produces Type I & III water for applications ranging from simple glass ware washing  , cell culture  , analytical use (  HPLC analysis ),reconstitution of  high purity chemicals

Brand : Hamilton , Merck , Elga


Shakers with and without temperature control ,  2 dimensional shakers ( see saw motion ) , 3 dimensional shakers, overhead stirrers , homogenizers, rockers ,rotators, vortex mixers.

Applications range from basic mixing to ensure a homogenous mix , particle size reduction , sample aeration , dissolving , emulsifying  , sample staining and de staining, vortexing

Brands : IKA , Jeio Tech , Stuart


SECOMAM spectrophotometers, are able to generate the visible light and ultra violet light spectrum respectively, thus allowing for the measurement  of absorption of a known sample at a given wavelength within this spectrum. Manufactured in France with technological collaboration from WTW ., Germany, SECOMAM spectrophotometers has seen its numbers steadily increasing since its introduction in 1999 in Malaysia. The visible spectrophotometers has become a standard instrument in most universities for the teaching of biochemistry principals and applications



Centrifugation – a technique essentially used to accelerate the process of sedimentation of the various components from a complex /sample be it biological or other carbon based compounds. The centrifugal force generated while the centrifuge is in operation causes components with different mass within the sample to sediment at different rates thus resulting in separation.  The product range covers low and high speed models with or without refrigeration. A multitude of rotors are available to cater for different sample requirements.

Freeze Dryers

Freeze dryer systems are designed to handle the lyophilisation needs of research and pilot plant laboratories . Bench top models or mobile console versions with several configurations are available. Collectors that can reach  -50°C and 84°C with stainless steel or teflon chambers designed to cater for various applications and capacities from 1 to 18 liters ,makes Labconco systems both versatile and cost effective