MSC Class II or Microbiology Safety Cabinets Class II

Euroclone / Bioair being one of the oldest manufacturers in the field of Containment Control Equipment, has in the last 10 years produced 3 new generation of  high quality MSC’s that meet the very stringent European Union safety standards pertaining to BSC Class II ( EN12469 : 2000 ) Its  certification by TUV Hamburg, further endorses Euroclone/Bioair’s commitment to quality and safety

Backed by 37 years of knowhow , the cabinets are designed to provide the highest of performances with the state of the art technology and finally packaged as a  very competitively priced equipment.





The Tommy range of Autoclaves has been incorporated with many operationally important features to allow for easy and efficient use of the instrument . Starting from its impressive small footprint , advance and informative control panels to its fast sterilization cycles and one hand operation , these autoclaves are without a doubt value for money.