Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology


Gel Photo Documentation systems

Vilber Lourmat, France   having been founded 50 years ago has emerged as the leading manufacturer of molecular biology imaging systems in Europe and has gained vast  acceptance  in Asia. Having pioneered the post electrophoresis market , Vilber Lourmat has introduced many break through products. Fluorescence system are available in stand alone or PC based version with several ranges of CCD camera specifications and darkroom options .

The Chemiluminescene systems are available as fully automated or manual version. All systems are designed to be user friendly in operation which is supported by an icon based intuitive software .

Unrivaled performance, engineered with advance technology to cater for a vast application coverage and supported locally by experienced products specialist – Vilber Lourmat is the system of choice for molecular biology imaging.





Thermal Cyclers

Peqlab ,Germany  driven by exceptional engineering, makes these thermal cyclers  an excellent choice when quality results with the shortest of run times and the simplest of operation are required.

Powerful Peltier elements provides both quick ramping rates and zero temperature overshoot s making for high precision when regulating temperatures across the entire thermoplate.