Pharmaceutical Technology

International regulatory requirements for drug manufacturing , requires  the testing of  oral dosage forms for quality assurance . These test apparatus are designed to meet the latest USP ( United States Pharmacopeia ) standards and are manufactured under stringent quality assurance standards.

ELECTROLAB product range includes Basic and  Automated Dissolution Testers ( USP I, II ) Reciprocating Dissolution Tester (USP 3/7) Disintegrations Testers, Automated Fribilators , Hardness Testers , Leak Testers , Tapp Density Testers, Tablet Hardness Testers  ,Sieve Shakers  Suppository Testers  , Granule  Fribility  Testers , Dissolution Media Preparator , Peristaltic Pumps.


8 station Dissolution system with i-Disso™ camera  system.

This system allows for the observation & recordings of the drug‘s dissolution and disintegration properties in a dissolution vessel for up to 1000 hours. Excellent tool to help in evaluation of OOS and OOT method development and formula optimization.



8 station Dissolution 0nline – Off line configuration with syringe pump, fraction collector , UV double spectrophotometer  and ELab Disso Software

Allows for unattended operation for collection, dilution of samples for UV or HPLC analysis leading  to more reliable  results and greater  productivity.



Fribility Tetsers 

Single and double drum versions. Auto park and automatic sample discharge. Results like % friability and weight loss can be determined.




Disintegration Testers

Basic models, able to  support  from 2 to 6 USP basket assembly, with auto park out , programmable timer and temperature . Semi auto systems allows for registration of individual tablets disintegration time.




Sieve Shakers – Electromagnetic

Ideal for particle size analysis and separation.
Features include tri dimensional sifting motion with timer for intermittent and continuous operation.